Thank you to all those who have shown support, empathy, and love for Drakeo the Ruler, The Stinc Team, and his family following this unspeakable tragedy. The appreciation we have for these sentiments is boundless and cannot be understated. We are beyond grateful to see the impact Drakeo had in his time with us.

Drakeo The Ruler was a caring, courageous, and candid man. He was uncompromising in his pursuits and a devoted craftsman in his art. His wide smile and gentle laugh could light up an entire room, and his limitless energy was contagious to anyone who had the privilege of being around him. Throughout his time with us, Drakeo showcased to the world his forthright vision and steadfast ingenuity with poise and ease. For a man who had faced some of the most unimaginable circumstances life can throw at you, his mission remained unceasing and his shining spirit remained unflinching.

The words innovator, genius, and legend fall short in describing Drakeo The Ruler. Being a fan of Drakeo meant understanding the purposeful idiosyncrasies of his artistry and the nuances of his story. Everything in his life had layers, even down to his stage name, Drakeo The Ruler, which was directly inspired by Draco, the first legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece. He created a new style of hip-hop, coined “nervous music”, his own distinct lexicon, and a unique set of flows that ran together seamlessly like water. Drakeo was the ultimate ethnographer of Los Angeles and he is forever tied to the place he helmed so effortlessly as his kingdom. Many will imitate, but no one will ever be able to duplicate.

Although on the night of Saturday, December 18th, Darrell Caldwell was taken from us, the mark he left on this Earth is eternal. As a friend, brother, father, son, icon, provider, and more––Drakeo brought the same kindhearted and ethereal spark to all aspects of his life. Drakeo meant so much to so many, and though his loss cannot be described in words, the extraordinary legacy he leaves behind speaks volumes.

Drakeo The Ruler was a pillar to his family, a staple in his community, and a larger-than-life figure in his music. Regardless of his stoic stature and countless achievements, his biggest venture was taking care of those closest to him at any cost. Drakeo was the people's champion in every sense of the word, and his everlasting light will live on through the love of his family, the memory of his friends, and the support of his fans. Rest easy, Drakeo.

Long Live The Ruler

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Long Live The Greatest By Drakeo The Ruler